for love & lemons

for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-22 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-1 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-2 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-3 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-4 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-5 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-6 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-7 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-8 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-9 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-10 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-11 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-12 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-13 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-14 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-15 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-16 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-17 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-18 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-19 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-20 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-21 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-23 for-love-and-lemons-ss13-ashley-smith-24

Everything Zoey and Ashely touch turns to gold.  They knocked it out of the park with the last look book featuring Anja, and I love that they chose Ashley Smith for this girly collection.  She has that perfectly feminine body that an average female would kill for, and that charming little gap in the teeth that an average male would kill to stick his tongue in.

For Love & Lemons Spring 2013

Ph: Zoey Grossman
Styling: Ashely Glorioso
Hair: Ashlee Rose
Make Up: Samuel Paul
Model: Ashley Smith

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