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Recall this collection? I remember people liked saying, “Alexander Wang has revolutionized the sweat pant,” like life was changed because sweats had hit a runway. I guess it was only about 3 years ago, but now looking back on it, this collection may have actuated the whole sports luxe phenomenon, although, I think that look has evolved from sweats to track pants. Nevertheless, I’ve always loved this collection for its inspiration being so obviously drawn from football, which in Texas is less of a sport and more of a religion. I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I get the obsession. Player stats, inner politics of the games, getting excited over a good play– Its just a different version of my (and countless others’) obsession with fashion and styling. Model stats, inner politics of the industry (or catty drama), getting excited over a good collection. It’s all the same if you look at it differently. Just a thought.

That pigskin clutch always seemed like a good piece to add to one’s own personal collection. Something that maybe you wouldn’t use that often, but it would still just be cool to have. BUT the piece that I’d kill for are those lace up tan leather shorts, which I’m sure are impossible to find so many seasons later. Yeah, I just googled it. Nothing.


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