-3 Celine-Paris-T-Shirt boogie-nights-fashion-3 labellematinee2 6a0147e284d138970b0168e862b8bd970c-800wi4473123 Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 11.56.10 AM tumblr_m1rabsQxS11qebbt2o1_500 boogie-nights-fashion-21 i18sistersoftheblackmoon6 Byron-Spencer-Nov-2012.4tumblr_l7oo1g24CX1qayi8c tumblr_mfeiztifLW1qb12r0o1_500p17 over-all 2012 SS #4 white silk shorts top y5 Dagmar_SS_13_Stockholm_BS2

Sorry for the absence, I have been deep in relaxation mode and have barely even touched my computer. Hope everyone had as good of a holiday as I did! Here’s a collection of images that have been sitting on my desktop for forever now. Evidently, I’m real into blues and greens.

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