Greatly inspired by this video, I had plans with a friend over the summer to fill the trunk of my little convertible with the bare necessities–a few changes of clothes, some shoes, and a handful of disposable cameras–and road trip to the Grand Canyon with the top down and our hair matted from the wind.  We were going to have no set route and empty our brains of expectations.. Just open to meet anyone or see anything along the way.  Or meet no one and see nothing along the way.  It really didn’t matter.  Unfortunately it was one of those things that just never happened, and probably won’t happen for quite some time now that I’m on the brink of graduation and I won’t have summer vacations or mass amounts of time to kill anymore.  It’s a pity really, because that’s the kind of adventure that should be experienced while a young girl is still devoid of responsibility and carefree.


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