Granny Chic

This Wildfox look book was literally made for my bestie, Bex. She’s always sporting some vibrant colored hair, wrote a song for her cat today, AND I’ve dubbed her style Granny Chic, because I think when she gets dressed in the morning she thinks, “What would Gma wear?” But like in a hip way. Or a broken hip way. Ba-zing! But for real though. Damn, does she make Grandma look good! (She’s also kind of slow like a grandma too, but that’s just one of her many quirks. Hehe love you!)

I always think the Wildfox look books are so cool. It doesn’t matter what theme the collection is, it’s always about best friends, fairy tales, and getting into some (innocent) trouble. And Kimberly Gordon is just rad as hell, she does it all! Design, styling, photography, concept formation… you name it. I think it’s hard for her to not find inspiration in something. Her blog, ilovewildfox has been one of my favorites for a while now.  I love watching her and Wildfox grow!

The stories behind the collections are always spot on.  Here’s what she dreamed up about this collection.

“Going to Grandmas house as a kid you don’t really think of her as a young woman, you see her as she is, old and maybe a bit crabby, hilarious and totally picky, wearing outfits she’s had since the 60’s mixed with incredibly funny 80’s sweat suits and orthopedic shoes. You see her napping with a book on her chest, glasses slipping down her nose, her cat perched on the edge of the sofa like a sphinx, it smells like an antique store mixed with something sweet, you try to imagine your mother growing up with her, going to bed in this house, maybe you stare at those sun bleached pictures Gran’s got stored away under her huge, white vanity.  Her cat ornaments fill the edge of the glass table, you try on her pearl earrings and polka dot bangles, sparkling costume diamonds and dark red lipstick, looking in the mirror for a second you can almost picture her, 18, summertime, crushing over the Paul Newman look-alike lifeguard at the lake, or 21 years old laughing with her girlfriends over gin martinis in nude thigh highs and pin curls. It’s hard to imagine that granny, but when you see one of those old photos of her it can be fantastically over whelming… this is where you came from!

This collection is a tribute to granny and her perfectly mismatched style, her love of cats, jewels, travels and gardening, her hair that she never cuts, the old mansion she bought in the 90’s with the last of her savings, her big glasses she always wears to brunch, and that grandma spirit we all know and adore.”


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