Being able to compose a well styled ensemble is more difficult than it seems to the untrained eye. Finding a creative balance between freshness vs. ease, designer vs. vintage/thrifted, and basics vs. statement pieces whilst staying true to one’s individuality doesn’t come naturally to everyone, or doesn’t always “work,” so when it does, it should be celebrated.  Styling really is an art, one that remains overlooked.  In a way, every fashion-head is a stylist in their own mind, their only client being themselves, so it is inspiring to see how people incorporate pieces we see everywhere into their own personal style, or vise versa.

Here’s some more street style via a whole lot of websites I don’t remember.  Probably StreetFSN, The Satorialist, Jak & Jil, Angelica Blick, and blogs of the like.  None of the picture I have posted thus far have been taken by me.  They just kind of accumulate on my desktop and I always forget to write down the source.  Trust me, you’ll know when I post pics that I (or a friend) took, because I’ll be really loud about the fact that I wasn’t lazy and/or busy and actually took the time to go out and take pictures.  #whatever #sorryboutcha ;P


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