A Few Spring 2013 Favorites

Jil Sander

My girl Jil always knows how to keep minimalism interesting.  These three white ensembles in particular had me drooling, not to mention, the boots.  The silhouettes of her designs always look so simplistically 60’s mod.  Can’t get enough.

Aquilano Rimondi

How badass are these looks?  It’s like a circus met the 80’s and this collection is their love child.  I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m really digging the double layer skirt, and the combination of jewel toned color blocking and funky prints is leaving a good taste in my mouth.


Speaking of prints, no brand does florals better than Etro.  I have to admit, finding a good floral print is more difficult than one might think.  I think aesthetically, it is just easier to make a bad floral design than a good one, because I have been looking for months for a perfectly printed, well, anything.  So far I haven’t had much luck.  I would kill for any of these three though!


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